Keep Your Family and Pool Safe

At Meyco Pool Covers we care about the safety of your family and friends. As both a swimming pool and Meyco winter cover owner, the information below will help you make informed decisions regarding year-round pool safety.

Your Meyco pool cover has been certified to meet the ASTM F-1346-91 Standard. As with any safety product, however, it will only work if used as instructed. Wear and tear will vary depending on many factors including usage, maintenance and climate.

If your cover appears torn or damaged, STOP using it as a safety cover.


Safety Reminders

  •  ALWAYS make sure that there is competent adult supervision whenever children, pets or others are in or around the pool. There is no substitute.

  •  ALWAYS make sure your pool and property is in compliance with all state and/or local barrier laws and codes, which may require fencing, alarms or door latches to protect against unauthorized access to the pool.

  •  ALWAYS make sure cover is installed as instructed in Meyco’s user manual


  •  NEVER use pool until cover is completely removed. Otherwise bathers may be trapped underneath.

  • ALWAYS make sure there are no bathers, equipment or pool accessories in the pool before applying cover.

  • ALWAYS make sure cover is properly and fully installed.

  • NEVER allow children to walk or play on the cover. Small children can drown even in standing water accumulated on top of the cover.

  • ALWAYS remove any standing water.

  • NEVER jump on cover. It is not a trampoline.

  • NEVER walk on cover unless it is an emergency, or place objects on cover.

  • ALWAYS inspect cover regularly, especially if you are using it as a safety cover

  • NEVER apply a cover if it appears worn or torn.

For more safety information visit Pool & Hot Tub Alliance
or the US Consumer Product Safety Commission

Only trust the ORIGINAL Meyco® Safety Pool Covers.