Meyco Spa Covers – Completely different, inside and out

Interactive Spa Cover

Interactive Spa Cover
ASTM Safety KitSafety LatchStandard locking safety strapInvisible HandlesRain FlapsFabric SkinInternal SupportEPP, twin wall, mesh linerRollaway WheelsSkid Plate

ASTM Safety Kit

Three ASTM compliant anchor options for concrete patios, wood decks and landscaped / natural areas (optional)

Safety Latch

Securely holds cover sections when installed on spa (as needed)

Standard locking safety strap

Made with high-strength black nylon, complete with a locking feature to prevent unwanted entry. Meets ASTM safety-classifications.

Invisible Handles

Same material as the spa skin to blend in aesthetically with the spa cover. (optional)

Rain Flaps

Guards against water collection between spa pieces. (as needed)

Fabric Skin

10 color option in a tough, breathable polyester skin

Internal Support

Aircraft grade aluminum structural channel.

EPP, twin wall, mesh liner

  • EPP | Tough polypropylene instead of water vapor absorbing polystyrene.
  • Twin Wall | Stiff polycarbonate base sheet for a permanent vapor barrier instead of thin plastic sheeting.
  • Mesh Liner | Lightweight high strength breathable mesh prevents water build-up.

Rollaway Wheels

Simply roll cover away for easy storage. (optional)

Skid Plate

Protects cover from rough, uneven surfaces

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Discover the DuraCore Difference

Meyco Spa Covers go beyond traditional foam and vinyl by redefining the three most critical areas of a spa cover. Crafted around a vapor resistant, polypropylene insulating CORE that doesn’t gain weight and grow mold like the typical polystyrene, STRUCTURED on lightweight aluminum channels with a polycarbonate base, and wrapped in a vapor wicking MATERIAL that will not crack or fade prematurely; introducing DuraCore Spa Cover technology!

Available for 

Hot Tub Covers

InGround Spa Covers

Swim Spa Covers

DuraCore Spa Cover technology in every cover 

Each component of a DuraCore cover is thoughtfully sourced and crafted for optimal performance and environmental responsibility. From MATERIAL to STRUCTURE to CORE, DuraCore’s 3 pillars of quality ensure superior product performance.


√ No cracking
√ No unhealthy mold
√ 100% recyclable
√ Breathable and moisture wicking
√ Increased puncture resistance
√ Increased color longevity and UV protection
√ Increased life span


√ Flexes to absorb greater loads
√ Strong polycarbonate base redirects water vapor
√ Aluminum channels for lighter weight and higher strength


√ No waterlogging
√ No unhealthy mold
√ No weight gain
√ No cracking or breaking
√ No landfill clogging polystyrene
√ Flexible to absorb hail or other small impacts

Choose your cover model

Ideal for mild climates and sheltered spaces.

Advanced design. Perfect for most climates.

Designed for most demanding applications.

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