RuggedMesh Pool Covers

Available Colors: Blue | Mocha | Gray | Green

Available Colors: Green, Blue, Black, Mocha

RuggedMesh gives you the best of both worlds – the flexibility of a light-weight mesh cover combined with the durability of a solid cover. Your new mesh cover will weigh almost 50% less than a typical solid safety cover with a special weave that allows water to drain from the surface while filtering out finer particles to keep your pool cleaner. Your RuggedMesh cover blocks more sunlight and offers greater strength than standard mesh covers. The result – cleaner water with less maintenance.

Tested and Proven

Keeping your family safe between swim seasons is Meyco’s top priority. Today’s Meyco covers are designed with research that spans decades of testing and improvements. With four U.S. patents under our belts, Meyco pool covers exceed all ASTM standards for safety. With Meyco, you can have peace of mind knowing you’ve chosen a cover that’s been tested and proven by stringent standards designed to keep your family safe and your pool secure.

  • Weighing in at 6 oz. per square yard, RuggedMesh has greater tear and tensile strength than standard mesh covers and is perfect for pools up to 2,500 sq.ft.

  • Incorporated into the original Meyco cover design, all Meyco covers have thick straps and double perimeter webbing for increased tensile (break) strength.

  • RuggedMesh’s tighter weave allows water to drain from the surface while filtering out finer particles for a cleaner pool opening in the spring.

  • Meyco uses 45% stronger webbing for greater durability and a longer lifespan.

  • White, polyester bonded, UV resistant, marine thread is used to sew every Meyco cover ensuring meticulous stitching and a longer lifespan for your cover.

  • Stainless steel buckles and aluminum tips won’t rust or stain pool decking.

  • Non-corrosive solid brass anchors offer exceptional strength and disappear flush with the deck during swim season.

  • Weighing 50% less than a typical solid safety cover, Rugged Mesh is easier to install and remove between swim seasons that heavy solid covers.

  • RuggedMesh blocks 99% of sun’s rays, reducing UV damage to your pool

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RuggedMesh Manuals and Downloads

Documents are in a pdf format. Must have Adobe Acrobat to open.

Download Installation and Care Guide

A comprehensive guide to installation procedures and pool cover care for Meyco Pool Covers. To learn more about proper cover installation procedures watch the video

Download Meyco’s 12 Year Warranty

12-Year Warranty: Our consistent manufacturing processes ensures your Meyco Pool Cover will fit perfectly and last over the long haul. That’s why we offer one of the most generous warranties in the industry. Every Meyco cover is backed by a 12-year warranty. Our covers are built tough and last long.


Features, specifications and information on a RuggedMesh winter pool cover

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