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Safety Cover FAQs


Where can I turn to for answers to other questions?2018-02-26T19:23:33-04:00

Your nearest authorized Meyco dealer is oftentimes your best source for information. For assistance on finding a dealer near you, go to our “Find A Dealer” page on or website or call our toll free number at 800 446-3926.

What are the warranties offered?2018-02-26T19:23:26-04:00

All Meyco covers are now warranted for 12 years.

My pool has a lot of special features (I.e., an attached spa, waterfall, ladders, wood deck, planter beds, etc.). Can you possibly make a cover to fit?2018-02-26T19:23:19-04:00

Meyco Products has a number of unique and convenient treatments, and hardware, to allow us to design a cover for nearly every inground pool built.

Is it easy to remove and store the cover?2018-02-26T19:23:09-04:00

Typical Meyco stock sized safety covers go on and remove in about 15 to 20 minutes after initial installation using the provided tensioning tool. Each cover comes with a mesh drawstring storage bag. A mesh safety cover is fan folded to a size small enough to fit in the storage bag. The bag is then hung or stood upright in a dry secure place until ready for use in the Fall.

Are the brass anchors set in the deck, obtrusive, or..… Will I stub my toes on the brass anchors?!?2018-02-26T19:22:58-04:00

All Meyco deck anchors set flush into the deck when not in use. The threaded or pop-up inserts easily secure back into the anchor with the special Allen key provided with each cover.

Are safety covers only used for safety?2018-02-26T19:22:49-04:00

No. Many pool owners purchase their safety covers to use as their primary winter cover. The safety cover provides a barrier to keep out winter debris and snow while lasting many years longer than the traditional tarpaulin winter cover.

What is a Safety Cover?2018-02-26T19:22:38-04:00

A safety cover creates a secure taut material barrier over a swimming pool. Safety covers come in a variety of colors (green, blue, grey, mocha, and black) and grades of material (standard grade polypropylene (Meycolite) mesh, heavy grade polypropylene mesh (RuggedMesh), and lightweight solid co-polymer vinyl (PermaGuard). They are oftentimes, custom-made to the shape of an inground pool, and secured through a series of sewn straps with attached buckled springs, which in turn, secure under tension to threaded or pop-up styled brass anchors set in the pool deck.

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