Inspecting Your Pool Cover

Your swimming pool can be lots of fun for your family and friends, but as a pool owner, it’s your job to be sure that your pool is used responsibly and safely.

Meyco safety covers exceed all ASTM F 1346-91 Standard Performance Specification for Safety Covers. As with any safety product, however, it will only work as intended if you use it as instructed. If you use a Meyco safety cover to keep your pool secure between swim seasons, you should inspect your cover regularly. If the cover appears torn or damaged, then you must STOP using it as a safety cover.

Your state and local authorities may also require a fence or other devices to protect against unauthorized access to your pool. All of these devices are intended to assist supervising adults. THERE IS NO SUBSTITUTE FOR COMPETENT ADULT SUPERVISION, WHICH MUST BE MAINTAINED WHEN CHILDREN, PETS OR OTHERS ARE IN OR AROUND THE POOL.

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When to inspect your Meyco Safety Cover

Meyco recommends the following inspection schedule to be sure that your Meyco cover can continue to serve as a safety cover for your pool:

  • Before removing the cover in the spring

  • Before installing the cover in the winter

  • Every 45-60 days when the cover is on the pool

  • After any major winter weather/storms

  • After any incident that may have impaired the integrity of the cover (IE: fallen limb, deer or other animals/excess debris on cover)


Inspecting Your Cover: Warning Signs

DESPITE THE AGE OF THE COVER OR THE AMOUNT OF TIME LEFT ON THE WARRANTY, these are all signs of a cover that may no longer be considered a safety cover and should be replaced or repaired immediately.

Take These Steps to Extend the Life of Your Cover

See the links below for more ways on how to protect your pool cover so it last for years to come.

Pool Cover Installation Questions

Winter Cover CareFor 60 years, Meyco’s skilled craftsmen have followed founder Fred Meyers, Jr’s. Path to Quality to ensure your Meyco cover keeps your family and your swimming pool safe between swim seasons. You can extend the life and proper function of your Meyco pool cover by following proper cover care and installation procedures as outlined in Meyco’s convenient Installation and Care Manual.

Pool Cover Installation Questions

12-Year Warranty: Our consistent manufacturing processes ensure your Meyco Pool Cover will fit perfectly and last over the long haul. That’s why we offer one of the most generous warranties in the industry. Every Meyco cover is backed by a 12-year warranty. Our covers are built tough and last long.

Pool Cover Installation Questions

Meyco’s Restoration Center: When it’s time to retire your pool cover – or if it needs a little TLC – just one call to your trusted Authorized Meyco Dealer activates Meyco’s Restoration Center.

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