A safety pool cover creates a secure, taut material barrier over a swimming pool. In order for a cover to be considered a “safety cover”, it must meet specific standards set by the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM).

According to the ASTM guidelines, (ASTM F 1346-91), safety covers must be able to support a specific amount of weight and must not allow gaps around the perimeter of a pool that a child or pet might be able to squeeze through. The cover must also meet certain standards for surface water removal and proper labeling.

All Meyco covers exceed these ASTM standards.

Our MeycoLite, RuggedMesh and PermaGuard materials are strong, durable materials and are hugged tight to the deck through a series of straps sewn into the cover that are then attached to heavy duty springs and brass anchors that are made in the U.S.A. Your pool professional will secure these anchors to your pool decking during installation.

Meyco also offers our patented PolyGuard material that – when applicable – can be added to our covers to form a snug seal around rocks or raised walls and other elevated areas around a pool. This helps keep leaves and debris from sneaking under tiny gaps around raised walls, curved edges and extrusions.

In contrast, a “regular” pool cover is really just a tarp that you can put over your pool. It does not have to meet specific criteria for weight and is not designed to prevent children or pets from getting underneath the cover and into your pool.