Meyco’s Restoration Center is the easy way to schedule a repair for your cover. Your first step is to contact your Meyco dealer and tell them your Meyco cover needs repair. Next, Meyco will issue you – or your Meyco dealer – a Return Goods Authorization (RGA) form that will schedule your cover for an inspection by our restoration team. Step 3 requires shipping your cover back to Meyco for a thorough inspection.

Meyco developed a great video that shows you how to fold your cover so that you can ship it back to Meyco. Once your cover is packed and ready to ship, you’ll need to include the number from the RGA form on the package so that Meyco’s receiving department can deliver it to our Restoration Center immediately upon arrival. Our Restoration Center’s thorough restoration process includes a detailed inspection and complete review of cover “trouble spots.” Meyco’s restoration team repairs areas of wear and tear so that your Meyco cover returns home as good as new or recommends a new Meyco cover to protect your family and your swimming pool.