Completing and returning your Meyco cover warranty card is a very important step and will be very helpful in the future if your cover is ever damaged or needs replacing.

Meyco keeps a complete library of every cover that we design. Your cover’s unique plan number is printed on the warranty card that came with your cover information. By completing and submitting Meyco’s warranty form, we can easily match you specific set of plans with your address. As a result, we can quickly locate the original plan when the cover needs to be replaced so that you don’t have to incur the additional expense of re-measuring your pool.

Submitting the warranty card, also activates your Meyco 12-year pro-rated warranty. This is also crucial when addressing warranty issues if they should arise.

You can complete the warranty card that came with your cover and mail it to Meyco with the pre-addressed card. Be sure to include the date you purchased your pool cover and the name of your dealer.

You can also complete the online Warranty Registration form.

If you cannot find your warranty form and do not want to complete the online form, you can download the form online here and mail the completed form back to Meyco.