Meyco created  this short video that demonstrates how to fold your cover.

The best way to pack your cover is to fold the cover the long way, like an accordion. Then roll the cover like a like sleeping bag. Next, tie a string or rope on the ends to keep it secure.

You can pick up a box from your local U-Haul, big-box retailer, UPS or FedEx that’s the correct dimension to hold your folded cover. Try to fit your cover in the smallest box possible (ex. 47”x20”x19” or smaller) to reduce your shipping costs.

Before sending your cover to Meyco, be sure to contact your Meyco dealer and tell them your Meyco cover needs repair. Next, Meyco will issue you – or your Meyco dealer – a Return Goods Authorization (RGA) form that will schedule your cover for an inspection by our restoration team.

You’ll need to include the number from the RGA form on the package so that Meyco’s receiving department can deliver it to our Restoration Center immediately upon arrival.

After obtaining your Return Authorization form and adding that number to your package, the cover can be dropped off at your local UPS or FedEx Store for delivery.