In order for a cover to be considered a “safety cover”, it must meet specific standards on the amount of weight it can hold. Those standards are set by the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM).

According to the ASTM guidelines, (ASTM F 1346-91), a safety cover installed on a pool with a width or diameter greater than 8 ft. from the periphery must be able to hold a weight of 485 lbs. (2 adults and 1 child).

All Meyco covers exceed the ASTM guidelines for safety and are designed to easily support the weight on the cover.

However, we do not recommend ever walking on the cover unless it is an emergency situation. No one should be allowed to play on top of a cover and adult supervision is always required when children or pets are around the swimming pool year round.

To clean off debris or an excess snow load in the winter months, Meyco recommends using a long handled broom.

As a pool cover owner, it is your responsibility to periodically check your cover for signs of wear, tears or other damage that may impact the integrity and safety of the cover. You can learn how to inspect your cover here.