Meyco’s New Dealer Portal

Welcome to our improved Meyco Dealer Portal – now with an upgraded design that makes it easier for you to keep on top of your Meyco cover quotes and orders.

To access, you will need to create a new account with new login information to access the new dealer portal. Your old Meyco portal login will not work on the new dealer portal.

Create your new account here:

  • Customer Code: Your 5-digit Meyco dealer code*
    You can find this code in the “Bill to Account Number” in the top left corner of any Meyco quote, order or invoice.
  • Email: The email address associated with your Meyco dealer account*
    *If you’ve recently changed your email, please email Meyco’s customer solutions team so that we can update our records and ensure you have uninterrupted access to your account information.

Meyco Literature and Product Samples

Need to order Meyco literature or product samples? No need to login to the Portal. Just complete this form here and email it to

Meyco’s dealer portal is only available for authorized Meyco dealers.

Already set up your account on the new dealer portal?
Access it here:

Follow the link if you would like to become an
Authorized Meyco Dealer