Before you cover and close your pool for the winter be sure the pool water is properly chemically treated. The water chemical level should be checked in early spring or when there is any period of warm temperature. Proper adjustment of chemicals should be made if necessary.

Follow this checklist of things you need to do when winterizing your pool:

  • Do not drag the cover on decking or over the cover springs.
  • Do not walk or jump on your Meyco cover. Only walk on your pool cover if it is an emergency situation. Walking or jumping on the cover may result in damage to the cover.
  • Keep your cover drum tight to help reduce the chance of excessive wear. Abrasion strips are sewn to the cover to protect against normal coping wear.
  • Your installer should identify sharp corners or rough areas around the pool area and add protective padding, if necessary. Vinyl padding or carpet remnants work very well for this.
  • Never allow your pool’s water level to fall below 18” from the main deck level. A low water level will put excess stress on the cover and may result in cover and/or spring damage during periods of heavy snow accumulation. Any damage that occurs to your cover because of low water levels will void your warranty.
  • Check your cover periodically to be sure the cover is secured drum-tight on the pool. Adjust the buckle positions to achieve the proper tension.
  • Do not operate a barbecue grill, fire pit or a chiminea outdoor fireplace in the proximity of the cover as sparks or hot ash may settle on the cover causing small burn holes. During the winter months make sure your water levels are proper.