A typical Meyco stock-sized safety covers can be installed and removed in about 15 to 20 minutes after the initial installation using the provided tensioning tool/installation rod. Large or custom covers may take longer. Here’s a quick video that guides you through how to store your cover while your pool is open.

  • Each Meyco cover comes with a mesh drawstring storage bag that keeps the cover secure while your pool is open.
  • Your Meyco cover should be folded and stored in its storage bag when not in use.
  • Before folding, remove leaves and debris.
  • MeycoLite covers do not need to be scrubbed down or powdered prior to storage.
  • RuggedMesh covers should be hosed down from the bottom side to unclog filters.
  • PermaGuard solid and RuggedMesh covers should be cleaned with a mild detergent and dried before storing.
  • Store your cover in an area free of rodents.
  • Always completely remove the cover when using the pool.
  • Never swim in the pool with the cover partially installed.