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Customized Design

Custom Fit That Goes Beyond the Basics

Your backyard oasis is an expression of your lifestyle. Meyco’s in-house design engineers can tailor a cover for even your most unique poolscapes. Raised walls, elevated spas, vanishing edges, secret grottos, in-pool fountains – even multi-level swimming pools are protected with Meyco covers. Plus, our patented Polyguard custom fit means no gapping, no messy ropes or pillows, no wrinkles and no unsightly water bags. As the innovators of the original safety pool cover, Meyco’s customized one-of-a-kind covers go beyond the basics with custom features designed to keep your pool secure and attractive between swim seasons.

A History of Innovation and Customization

Meyco’s history of innovation has yielded great advancements in the evolution of the safety pool cover.  From the invention of the world’s first Pop-up Anchor to the exclusive Bridging Application used to create covers of any size, Meyco leads the way.

  • Vanishing Edge

  • Walls & Waterfalls

  • Step Cut

  • Super Flap

  • Bridging Design

Customized Designs

The expansive elegance of an infinity edge swimming pool or spa deserves a cover that protects and blends seamlessly with the poolscape.

Meyco’s Vanishing Edge cover fits snugly over an infinity edge to attach securely into the hardscape without messy ropes, waterbags or unsightly plastic flaps. With the added benefit of padding chafing, your cover is protected from wear, extending performance and increasing durability.

Raised walls, waterfalls, secret grottos and more deserve the same protection as the rest of your swimming pool. Meyco’s custom covers are designed to fit snug around vertical poolscape features with special anchors and pivoting O-rings/snap hooks that allow the cover to attach securely around rock walls, slides and water features.


Forget messy up and over applications. Meyco’s Step Cut hugs every corner for a custom fit without any awkward gap fillers required on competitors’ covers. Securely fitted in front and around steps, Meyco’s Step cut design reduces wear and tear while our patented Polyguard barrier keeps leaves and debris from sneaking under your cover.

A customized one-piece cover that allows for easy use of connected spa during cooler months. Integrated directly into the main pool cover, the Super Flap spa cover provides a one-piece install for the entire poolscape for easy spa access while the main pool stays secure.

A unique Meyco custom feature that separates large or commercial covers into smaller, more manageable covers for faster installation.


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